thank you for using adobe videobite.

Important information about VideoBite.

Unfortunately, some good things come to an end. On December 8, 2014, we stopped development of the Adobe VideoBite app and removed it from the Apple App Store.

We know that this decision impacted you, and we regret any inconvenience. If you’d like to access your VideoBites, they’re automatically saved to the camera roll on the device you used to create them. If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to visit our FAQ below or reach out on our Support Forum.


Why was VideoBite discontinued?

Adobe is an innovative company, always trying new things. A natural result of our development and exploration process is that not all experiments work out, and some products we produce will ultimately be discontinued. Much of our current mobile app development is focused on products that will enhance the Adobe Creative Cloud experience and provide innovative mobile companion apps to our desktop CC tools — and also enable third parties to develop mobile apps that link to Creative Cloud through our new Creative SDK. In addition, our move to Creative Cloud has allowed us to experiment with new storytelling apps, such as Adobe Voice. So stay tuned for further explorations.

What does it mean that VideoBite was discontinued?

  • There will be no more updates or maintenance to VideoBite going forward.
  • VideoBite is no longer available for download from the App Store.

How long can I continue to use VideoBite?

We can’t guarantee that it will function optimally over time as the app will not be maintained.

How do I get my photos and videos from the app / back them up

VideoBites are automatically backed up to the camera roll by default.

Where can I find more support?

Please join the Adobe Revel Community Forums for product questions and feedback.

Are there alternative products?

Not at this time.