adobe revel

The place for shared family memories. Shared libraries mean you never miss a moment.

With Revel, enjoy your photos and videos anywhere.

Stay connected.

Family members can add photos and videos to share their everyday moments, effortlessly.

Privacy first.

Because Revel is optimized for privacy, you can share your photos and videos on your terms.

Easy access.

Revel automatically syncs across all your devices, so your family memories are always with you.

Bring ‘em closer.

Encourage family members to add their photos and videos, and together you’ll create a library rich in memories.

Stay in touch with faraway family members by sharing daily moments, automatically.

Learn how to create and share a private library.
See how >>

One place for your photos and videos.

As your family adds more photos and videos, they’re automatically sync’d, so everyone can enjoy your ever-growing memory collection.

With all your photos and videos in one organized, accessible place, say goodbye to the “where’s-that-photo?” frustration.

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